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Today, 17 teens will take their own lives due to bullying.


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gay4liam asked
are you so upset because heterosexual sex is so bad? the 2 minutes of awkward missionary not cutting it? your man probably thinks your clitt is in your neck. I'll keep you in my prayers, have a blessed day.




Excuse me no. I was just pointing out that heterophobia is just as bad as homophobia, in fact all discrimination is. Just because it’s not on a bigger scale doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or doesn’t effect anyone. 


lmao please tell me what horrible stereotypes and discriminations heterosexuals face. when was the last time you were fired for being straight or someone saw you holding your boyfriend’s hand in public and called you a disgusting breeder or someone literally beat a heterosexual to death and left them lying in the street just for being straight. go rub some mayonnaise on your wound and sit down.